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Organic No. 1


On display in Firm tension

Under the Cover

Origins Organic No. 1 is beautifully crafted with a naturally firm level of comfort and support and generously upholstered with organic wool fleeces from British farms, organic cotton, flax and hemp, fibres known for their naturally cooling qualities.

  • Hand-made by Hypnos

  • Available in two tensions – medium and firm

  • Single tension and zip & link options

  • 10-year guarantee


  • Organic cotton - Light, cool and temperature regulating. Cotton cannot be grown in the UK climate. Organic cotton is carefully farmed to use less water and is free of pesticides; this protects the soil and makes it more resilient to drought. Organic farmers use seeds from last year's crop, ensuring a truly sustainable way to grow cotton that supports farmers year after year.

  • 4.5 fleeces of Organic British wool - Organic wool is a resilient natural fibre known for its antibacterial and temperature regulating properties, making it an ideal fibre for sleep. Organic sheep are farmed in smaller flock sizes and are not fed GM food or preventative antibiotics.

  • Organic Hemp & Flax - Hemp and flax have been used in bedding and textiles for thousands of years; they are strong and have powerful drying properties. In addition, hemp and flax require minimal water, and both crops actively help enrich the soil.


  • ReActivePro™ 6-turn pocket springs and Triple Edge Protection™

  • Two rows of genuine hand-side stitching for edge-to-edge support.

Looking After Your Mattress

  • Turn this mattress - we recommend rotating and turning this mattress every week for the first 12 weeks, then rotate the mattress monthly and turn every other month.

Mattress Finishing

  • Organic and chemical-free wool and cotton sleep surface.

  • Padded handles

  • Mattress depth - 21cm

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