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'Helping You Find The Perfect Night's Sleep'


When it comes to your new bed, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. Here at our Salisbury showroom, located a short walk from the city centre, we start by finding you the correct support, be it on a soft, medium, firm or extra firm mattress, and then focus on finding the comfort you desire. In addition, we make the bed-buying process as enjoyable as possible, offering expert advice about your posture and support. Ultimately, at Baileys of Salisbury, you don’t just purchase a luxurious new bed but also a great night’s sleep.

'Supporting You While You Sleep'

As we have mentioned, finding the correct support is crucial to getting a great night’s sleep. If the mattress is too firm, it can create pressure on your shoulders, hips and knees and lead to a restless night. If the mattress is too soft, it will cause intense pressure on your lumbar region, causing you to feel stiff and sore the next day. On the other hand, the right mattress tension will support and contour your body, keeping your spine correctly aligned during the night.

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'Rest and Relax'


Once we have agreed on the support you (and your partner) need, we can take as much time as required to find you the right comfort level. Comfort levels vary depending on the number of springs, layers of fillings and type of mattress you want. For instance, a pillow-top mattress features a sumptuous layer of fillings and springs permanently attached to the core mattress underneath –  perfect for those who prefer the feel of a gentle mattress but need firmer support.

'Size is Important'

The most comfortable mattress means nothing if your bed is too small. 

You may have the most loving relationship, but having enough space to sleep is one of the most critical factors. If you are starting a family, no matter how strong your resolve or firm your intentions - you often find more bodies in the bed come morning than were there when the night began. 

So when buying your mattress, we highly recommend you consider getting the largest mattress you can comfortably fit into your bedroom.


90cm x 190cm

3' x 6'3


120cm x 190cm

4' x 6'3


135cm x 190cm

4'6 x 6'3


107cm x 190cm

3'6 x 6'3


150cm x 200cm

5' x 6'6


2 x 75cm x 200cm

2 x 2'6 x 6'6


180cm x 200cm

6' x 6'6


2 x 90cm x 200cm

2 x 3' x 6'6

'For Peace of Mind'

We only stock high-quality beds and mattresses, so we are sure you will unlikely encounter any problems. 


However, should anything happen, it’s good to know you’re covered. Most of our mattresses come with a minimum 10-year manufacturer guarantee; this will be explained to you in-store and outlined in your manufacturer’s care guide. So, you can sleep easy knowing your investment is protected.


'From Our Door to Yours'

We pride ourselves on customer service at Baileys of Salisbury and aim to make your bed-buying journey enjoyable, relaxing, and stress-free. Once your bed arrives in-store, we will deliver and install your new bed and even help you dismantle and dispose of any existing beds you want to remove from the room. This service is free of charge to all our local customers.

'Looking After What's Looking After You'

We provide guidelines for caring for your new mattress, which differ depending on the model you selected. For instance, some of our mattresses must only be rotated and not turned over. The instructions for looking after your new bed will all be explained to you, and you will receive a care guide with all the relevant information once your bed is home. For additional care, we recommend purchasing a mattress protector to keep your investment perfectly pristine.


How much should I spend?

Our advice is to buy the most comfortable mattress you can afford.


Our premium mattresses will last longer than ten years. That’s a minimum of 3,650 nights sleep, or if you spend £1000 on a mattress, less than 28p per night. We think a good night’s sleep is worth every penny. 


When you are younger (20’s), you can sleep on a park bench (literally), but as you get older (late 30’s / 40’s), sleep becomes more elusive, and you then need to buy a better mattress with deeper fillings.

How do I go about choosing a new mattress?

The most important thing when choosing your new mattress is finding your optimum support level. Finding the correct support is crucial to promoting a good sleeping posture, ensuring you have a great night’s sleep.

Shouldn’t I try and find a mattress with a similar feel to my old one?

Certainly! If you have been happy with the quality of sleep your existing mattress has provided you over the years, we will take you through our extensive range to find a mattress with a very similar feel to your current one. However, finding the correct support depends on your weight, height, build and even your preferred sleeping position, so it’s essential to understand that your needs may have changed since you last bought a mattress - after all, how much have you changed in the last ten years?

How will I know what the proper support for me is?

To determine the proper support for you, we will look at how your spine is aligned when you lay on our four levels of support: soft, medium, firm or extra firm. Then, with guidance from our team, you will feel when the support is right.

What if my partner and I need different tensions?

The benefit of buying a bespoke bed from our store is that we ensure your mattress is made to meet the specific requirements of both you and your partner. We offer dual tension (half and half) and zip and link mattresses meaning you never have to compromise on support.

Can I continue to use my existing base?

Whilst we recommend buying a new base with your new mattress to extend its life, some people choose to order a mattress on its own. So it is essential to let us know, when in-store, what base you intend to use the mattress on so we can advise you accordingly. Our mattresses are designed to contour to your body, but equally, they also contour to your base – so if that has dipped or is no longer supporting you, the mattress is likely to follow suit. So whilst it may be acceptable now – you’ve got to ask yourself will it last another ten years? Ultimately, we will never pressure you to purchase a new base if you prefer not to. 

Should I buy a Sprung or a Platform top base?

This entirely depends on the mattress; a sprung base works in conjunction with the springs of a pocket sprung mattress, especially those with a high spring count, and ultimately improves its longevity. A Platform Top base works particularly well with foam products and provides a sturdy foundation.

Have a question of your own?

Get in touch with us; we will be happy to answer it.

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