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The Tytherley

Enchanted House Beds

On display in Medium tension

Under the Cover

The Tytherley mattress is the top of the range model from Enchanted House Beds. Expertly hand-crafted to order in Dartmoor, Devon, this truly opulent mattress boasts an unimaginable quantity of luxurious, hand-teased natural fillings. It is one of the best mattresses you can buy in the world today.

At the core of this incredible mattress are 4200 hand nested pocket springs, topped with sumptuous hand-teased Dartmoor wool, cotton, alpaca, cashmere wool, horsehair and silk; all reinforced by 6 rows of genuine hand side stitching. In addition, the Tytherley is covered in a chemical-free, pure Egyptian cotton cover.

With a combined 160 years of experience, a small team of master bed makers create all of their mattresses using traditional techniques and only the finest natural materials.

  • Handcrafted by Enchanted House Beds

  • Available in four tensions – Soft, Medium, Firm and Extra Firm

  • Single tension, dual tension and zip & link options

  • 30-year guarantee


  • Egyptian cotton - Egyptian cotton is softer and longer in length than regular cotton with its super-fine strands, keeping you cool and dry.

  • Hand-teased Dartmoor wool - soft, springy and naturally supportive, wool keeps you warm and dry, helping to regulate your body temperature. In addition, wool is anti-bacterial and inherently fire retardant.

  • Hand-teased horsehair - acts as both a spring and comfort layer. It is open-celled and 'hollow', making it the perfect wicking material to dissipate the moisture accumulated during the sleep process.

  • Silk-blend - a luxurious protein fibre produced by the mulberry silkworm. Silk is the strongest natural fibre, with moisture-absorbing qualities, making it perfect for regulating body temperature.

  • Hand-teased alpaca blend - known for its softness, alpaca wool is inherently softer and warmer than sheep's wool. This luxuriously soft yet durable fibre contains no lanolin; therefore, it is naturally hypoallergenic with excellent moisture-wicking properties.

  • Hand-teased cashmere - from the cashmere goat, it is warm and lustrous but highly resilient. The outer layer is durable, while the soft under down of the goat is lighter and insulating.


  • Contains 4200 hand-nested pocket springs for minimal movement transfer.

  • Six rows of genuine hand-side stitching (using flax) for edge-to-edge support.

Looking After Your Mattress

  • Turn this mattress - we recommend rotating and turning this mattress every week for the first 12 weeks, then rotate the mattress monthly and turn every other month.

Mattress Finishing

  • A chemical-free sleeping surface made from Egyptian cotton

  • Hand-tied pure woollen tufts

  • Padded handles

  • Mattress depth - 28cm

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