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Hideaway Divan

Vogue Beds

Features & Specification

The Hideaway Divan allows you to use the whole of the underside of your divan for storing items whilst concealing them behind beautifully upholstered deep valances, which cover the full height of the divan base. These practical and flexible pleated valances provide an exquisite tailored finish and attractive detailing whilst ensuring easy access to stored items.

This unique choice of hidden storage is available in all standard sizes, and its robust design caters for the storage of heavier and larger-sized items like suitcases and boxes.


Single: H=43cm, W=90cm, L=190cm

Double: H=43cm, W=135cm, L=190cm

King: H=43cm, W=150cm, L=200cm

Super King: H=43cm, W=180cm, L=200cm

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