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Firm-Edge Divan

Enchanted House Beds

Features & Specification

The Firm-Edge divan is hand-crafted by the premium bed manufacturer; Enchanted House Beds. Known as the most luxurious divan option, the Firm-Edge divan provides individual support and heightened pressure-relieving properties. Enchanted House Beds top every Firm-Edge divan with Dartmoor wool for extra comfort. In addition, the solid timber edge negates any roll-out, allowing you to sleep right to the edge of your mattress.

Enchanted House Beds pride itself on sourcing more timber from FSC-certified forests than any other manufacturer in the UK.

Single: H=36cm, W=90cm, L=190cm

Double: H=36cm, W=135cm, L=190cm

King: H=36cm, W=150cm, L=200cm

Super King: H=36cm, W=180cm, L=200cm

Enchanted House Beds will make this divan to any bespoke measurements.

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