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Dartmoor Wool Pillow

Enchanted House Beds
Specification & Benefits

The Enchanted House Beds Dartmoor Wool Pillow, an outstanding quality standard size 50 x 75cm pillow with a truly exceptional feel. This 100% Dartmoor wool pillow is entirely natural, even the casing is crafted from a 100% natural, 300 thread count double layered cotton, which is finished with a stylish piped trim.

The pillow itself includes a side zip which enables you to adjust the quantity of wool thus altering the height and firmness of the pillow to your specific requirements. Increasing the wool content (by purchasing the optional re-fill sack) will increase the firmness and depth of the pillow which is ideal for side sleepers, reducing the wool content will reduce the height of the pillow which is ideal for front and back sleepers.

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