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The only mattress recognised by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation. 

TEMPUR mattresses distribute pressure evenly, welcoming the body into a naturally comfortable position. Explore the full mattress range and experience a mattress like no other. 


All TEMPUR mattresses come with a 10-year guarantee.

TEMPUR Mattresses 
Ranging from soft, medium to firm, there's a style to suit everyone, along with a selection of TEMPUR pillows designed to complement your mattress choice. 

Cloud Hero.png

Cloud Collection
for a soft feel

Sensation Hero.png

Sensation Collection
for a firm feel

Original lux_90x200 close.jpg

Original Collection
for a medium feel

Angled Closeup_Hybrid lux.png

Hybrid Collection
for a medium feel with springs


Designed to work with TEMPUR mattresses, TEMPUR bed bases and frames come in a wide range of colours and styles, with practical storage options too. 


Hampton Ottoman
available in 4 colours

linear open-min.jpeg
linear open 2-min.jpeg

Linear Ottoman
available in 12 colours


Highgate Ottoman
available in 4 colours

closed room set.jpeg
open room set.jpeg

Grafton Ottoman
available in 12 colours


TEMPUR Pillows

The TEMPUR pillow range consists of ergonomic and classic pillows. They give the TEMPUR full-body experience when used in conjunction with a TEMPUR mattress.  

cloud pillow.png

Cloud Pillow
for a soft feel

comfort pillow.jpeg

Comfort Pillow
for a medium feel

ergonomic pillow.jpeg

Ergonomic Pillow
designed for side sleepers