Harrison - The Inside Story

Simon Bailey - Managing Director Baileys of Salisbury

I have tremendous faith in Harrison Beds and having worked as a sales agent for 12 years I'm in a fortunate position to know the product inside out. Numerous customers (retailers) asked me over the years, what separates Harrison not only from its competitors but also from its sister brands within the Harrison Spinks group (in particular Somnus but also, to a lesser extent, Hybed and Flaxby).


There are four reasons.   

Harrison is the only mattress on the UK independent market that delivers the unique, award-winning Revolution pocket spring. Invented and patented by Simon Spinks in 1995, the Revolution spring-within-spring technology has the ability to support every single body weight with its simple but intuitive double stage action. Unlike the Somnus, Hybed and Flaxby models, the Revolution spring will deliver additional support as and where you need it, allowing the sleeper to achieve that all important comfort without sacrificing on the one thing that we all need, support. Furthermore, because you have an additional inner spring laying unencumbered at the base of the outer spring, the whole system will last a lot longer. Each spring is not having to work so hard, thus giving longevity to your mattress.

Secondly, Harrison is the leading brand within the Harrison Spinks group and as such has the superior 'True Edge' base. This pocket sprung base with a strong, timber edge delivers additional support right to the edge of your mattress, eliminating 'roll off' that you sometimes experience with luxury mattresses on a sprung edge base. ‘Roll off’ is a characteristic that you occasionally find on a Somnus or Vi-Spring mattress. Although fantastic mattresses in their own right and every bit as luxurious as Harrison, sleepers occasionally experience a slight rolling off as they lay on the edge, due to the springs that form the outer perimeter on the sprung edge base. Conversely, due to its strong timber perimeter, the Harrison True Edge base offers exceptional leverage to assist you in getting in and out of bed, very much like an armchair would assist you in standing up. Combined with one additional row of firmer springs on every Harrison mattress edge and traditional hand side stitching, 'True Edge' offers a strong and sturdy edge to the side of your bed. 

Thirdly, Harrison offers a very simple but remarkably beneficial winter and summer side. Not available elsewhere within the Harrison Spinks group, this natural blend of fibres (100% natural) enables you to sleep at the right temperature so you're never too hot and never too cold during the seasons. Simply turn your mattress over as the clocks go forwards and backwards and you'll be sleeping on crisp, cool Egyptian cotton throughout the summer and lovely, warm cashmere/wool throughout the winter.


Wool is not only a fantastic regulator of body temperature but it's also inherently fire retardant. In other words, warm and safe. As a result, there are no chemicals sprayed on a Harrison mattress as it naturally complies with the stringent British fire regulations. Additionally, Harrison Spinks is the only bed manufacturer in the world that weaves its own mattress 'ticking' (covers) in house, without the need for chemicals. 


However, for those customers that prefer a mattress that never needs to be turned, Harrison offers the very best in turn free technology. With layer upon layer of mini, pressure-relieving pocket springs the performance of a Harrison turn free mattress is superior to every other bed on the market. Turn free mattresses have a tendency to 'settle' with the fillings compressing to reveal a hollow where you sleep. To combat this, Simon Spinks invented the mini, pressure-relieving high density pocket spring and it's these springs that help to eliminate the natural 'settlement' that you find in a luxury pocket sprung mattress. 


Last but not least, Harrison offers more choice within the Harrison Spinks group than its sister models. Not one, not two but three different firmness options within every model. Choose from gently supportive, medium support or firm support on every Harrison mattress. With more choice, you’re more likely to select the right tension.


On display in our spacious and relaxed showroom are 19 Harrison models, of which 6 models show each different firmness option (gentle, medium and firm), all at different price points. King Size Harrison mattresses start from just £699, rising gradually to £4999 so there really is a mattress to suit every budget and every body. 










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