Grafton Ottoman


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Features & Specification

The Grafton Ottoman incorporates a gentle sweeping arched shape headboard. It comes upholstered in a selection of plush fabric finishes ranging from vibrant amber to soft pastel and neutral tones. Textures include velvet effects (Sundance fabrics), tweeds and twills.

With the headboard designed to fit flush against the wall, this ottoman bedstead allows you to maximise your floor space.

Easy lifting, aided by gas pistons, helps you raise the frame to reveal a handy compartment, perfect for keeping bed linen and other lightweight items stowed away, freeing up valuable cupboard space.


Single: N/A

Double: H=109cm, W=146cm, L=225cm

King: H=109cm, W=161cm, L=235cm

Super King: H=109cm, W=191cm, L=235cm