Firm Edge Luxury Divan

Enchanted House Beds

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Features & Specification

The Firm Edge Luxury Divan is hand-crafted by the premium bed manufacturer; Enchanted House Beds. Known as the most luxurious divan option, the Firm Edge Luxury Divan provides individual support and heightened pressure-relieving properties. Enchanted House Beds top every Firm Edge Luxury Divan with hand-teased cotton for extra comfort. In addition, the solid timber edge negates any roll-out, allowing you to sleep right to the edge of your mattress. 

Enchanted House Beds pride itself on sourcing more timber from FSC certified forests than any other manufacturer in the UK.


Single: H=36cm, W=90cm, L=190cm

Double: H=36cm, W=135cm, L=190cm

King: H=36cm, W=150cm, L=200cm

Super King: H=36cm, W=150cm, L=200cm

Enchanted House Beds will make this divan to any bespoke measurements.